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How to Build a Secondhand Wardrobe

The high tech landscape offers so many vintage stores; it is no wonder that so many people are vintage addictive, discovering a new spectacular way to build a wardrobe. Unique classics, beautiful designer pieces of clothing, shoes and handbags, and jewelry are offered at a fraction of what an ordinary store is charging.

When you decide to build a special wardrobe, based on vintage items, put more emphasis on what you like and you know you will wear; it is more important than what is in style at than moment. You also must find the color palette that suits your preferences. Make a list before you shop, revise it as your tastes change.

A secondhand wardrobe made of unique pieces, respecting your style and tastes. Visit periodically consignment shops and online stores for brand name discards. Check as often as possible your favorite vintage shops for sweaters, casual wear, shoes and bags. You have the chance to find the cocktail dress of your dreams.

Rummages sales, garage sales and yard sales are the perfect opportunity to find beautiful pieces of retro or vintage clothing. Don’t buy only because vintage clothes are usually cheap; try to find if the item quality is really high. Ensure that the seams are secure, buttons and zippers are ok. If you need to purchase some sweaters, check for moth holes or stains. Negotiate a better price on the pieces that are slightly damaged or if you purchase more than one item. You can come out with a great deal even if your pieces of vintage clothing need some alterations.

Find the return policies of the site or shop where you decide to build your wardrobe. Shopping for clothing is always fun and building your vintage wardrobe even more. Think at your favorite pair of jeans that are part of you or at your sweater and find what makes them so special. Don’t fill up your closets with pieces of clothing you will never wear. Choose pieces that reflect your tastes and are easy to mix and match with your other pieces of clothing or shoes. Impulse purchases hardly math together and are only fun to buy.

Choose the pieces of clothing by the quality of their fabrics rather than their prices, because high quality clothing comes less expensive in a long run. And never forget that high quality vintage clothes look really stylish and last longer. It is not difficult to build your wardrobe; think of those beautiful pieces of clothing made of cotton, silk, wool, linen. It is easier to wear and wash them.

Many women ask themselves what is the real secret to style. The first rule is to know what you love to wear. Surf the web and visit the vintage shops, collect images of what you are attracted to and you will easily know what you go need to buy. Designers prefer high quality fabrics; choose quality in your life. It is better to have a high wool quality sweater than four cheap sweaters that will look horrible in a few months.

Don’t expect to build your stylish vintage wardrobe in a day; perfection takes time. Never buy something that doesn’t make you feel amazing. Compromised style never feels good. Don’t be surprised by the vintage pieces of clothing price; set a limit for what you are willing to pay for your perfect dress, pair of jeans or boots.

Authenticity is not only amazing; it is magnetic, economical and energizing. Never forget that authenticity is also very efficient. If you manage to build a high quality wardrobe, you will never look like half of the women you see. Retro and vintage are in! The clothes, shoes, purses, bags and accessories have a superior quality and it is a major reason. Vintage clothes were made to last many years ago. Vintage wedding dresses are a good choice too! These special dresses are stylish, elegant, made of beautiful lace, tulles, organza or silk.

The best way to build a spectacular high quality ward robe is shopping at second hand stores. You will create fashion originality; you will find designer pieces at affordable prices. You may be hesitant at the though of wearing a piece of clothing that belonged to another person. Consider the opportunity to stand out in a unique way; remember that many celebrities wear vintage items.

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