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Why Put Together a Secondhand Wardrobe

The “Boho” style, the flat pumps, the colorful rhinestone earrings, the cowgirl look – there’s no doubt about it, in the fashion industry history is repeating. While it may be difficult to tell what the next big thing will be on the Paris runways or on Fifth Avenue, the fashionistas throughout the world regularly turn to vintage fashion for designer clothing and accessories to complete their latest look. This is especially true for women who dictate their personal style and enjoy putting on accessories in new exciting ways.

You can get an impression of the latest trends by paying a visit to any local mall or upscale clothing store. However, considering vintage fashion as an alternative can often get you combinations that will set you apart from the crowd. Retro wear often means vintage clothing and accessories which deliver something more special than the regular expensive retail outlets. So why put together a secondhand wardrobe? The reasons, as you are about to see, are plentiful. Just read on.

First of all, vintage fashion is affordable. If you compare it to upscale designer merchandise, you will see that vintage clothes and accessories are more affordable at all price points. All leading fashion magazines feature pictures of vintage-inspired items, such as jewelry and handbags. At the same time, you can purchase comparable vintage accessories in antique stores or through online auctions for considerably less money. For instance, you may find a full circle dress which sells for $200-400 during a trend revival for a fraction of that price in a vintage fashion outlet. Of course it’s fun to window shop and to browse through trendy boutiques. But if you save your cash for an estate sale or a flea market in an upscale neighborhood, your money will go much further. As you will soon see, there is nothing like the thrill of chasing after a sought-after vintage fashion item.

Another reason for starting your own vintage fashion wardrobe is because retro clothes retain value more then new ones. As such, when you’re buying vintage clothes and accessories, you are actually making an investment. Since most fashion accessories bought in the department stores eventually end up in resale shops or garage sales after the trend disappears, buying a vintage piece is a very wise choice. For less than the amount you pay for a new piece, you can find a vintage handbag, hat or necklace, often with a designer label which will retain its value more readily. In their turn, vintage clothing is often far cheaper than what a similar new dress or blouse would sell for in a fashion boutique. When you get bored with the vintage item in your wardrobe, you can sell it again to a vintage collector or dealer in your area, or even auction it online and get a bit more money than you would with a newly purchased item.

Last but not least, a good reason for starting a vintage fashion wardrobe is because of the sense of style associated with the past. In fact, if you take a look around, you will see that most current trends reflect vintage fashion trends. For instance, the “Boho” look with its chunky wooden jewelry that people are resurrecting nowadays was incredibly popular in the 1980s, and it contained elements of the ‘70s and the ‘60s. Vintage rhinestones brooches that women are mad about these days come from the 1940s. Even putting to use a pair of vintage cowgirl boots from the ‘70s can be much more affordable than buying a new pair. And, best of all, whether you are buying jewelry, purses, shoes, or garments, you will happily enjoy the quality and details of older pieces, which are nearly always superior to modern items in vintage styles.
Not convinced yet? Just find a vintage fashion item to your liking and give it a try. After this experiment, you will probably not want to settle for newer imitations ever again. With vintage fashion clothing and accessories, you are getting the real deal for less money. And you will have more fun telling people who compliment your clothes or accessories that they are vintage, not to mention that you will stand apart from the crowd in a unique, stylish way.

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